Manila to Baguio Travel Time


How Many Hours from Manila to Baguio

Baguio City is a good place to visit during summer. The parks, cool climate, waterfalls, and beaches will make your vacation to the city really worth it. Just like other cities in the Philippines, Baguio City can also be accessed from Manila.

However, the Manila to Baguio travel time is estimated to be approximately four hours (3 h 48 min) all things being equal. The best route is to travel through R-8 and N Luzon W Expressway/R-8. Manila to Baguio distance is estimated to be about 244.8 km


How Many Hours from Manila to Baguio

The question “how many hours from Manila to Baguio?” may not be an easy one to answer. This is because the time taken for the journey often depends on a couple of factors.

Some of these include the condition of your vehicle, driving speed, construction projects on the way, weather, traffic, and several other unforeseen events.

Nonetheless, assuming there is no glitch, then, in less than four hours, you can cover a distance of about 244.8 km separating both cities.


Manila to Baguio Travel time

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Manila to Baguio Distance and Travel Time