How to Go To Sagada from Baguio

how to go to sagada from baguio - bus to baguio

How to Go to Sagada

Sagada is one of the Mountain Provinces in the Philippines that boast of a cool climate favorable for tourists. The amazing landscape, serene environment, surrounding waterfalls, and caves make Sagada among the top holiday destinations in the Philippines.

Are you planning on going to Sagada from Baguio? The journey from Baguio to Sagada often takes between 5 – 6 hours. The best route is to travel through La Trinidad in Benguet, via Bontoc Rd. You can also follow the Halsema highway or mountain trail. Baguio to Sagada distance is estimated to be approximately 150 km.

Things to Do In Sagada

On arriving at Sagada after the 5-hour plus drive from Baguio, you get to explore Sumaguing cave or watch the sunrise at Kiltepan viewpoint. You can also decide to relax and cool off at the Lake Danum. Below are some of the things you can do on reaching Sagada from Baguio.

Explore Sumaguing Cave

Explore Sumaguing Cave as you admire and lose yourself within this amazing underground network of caves. The Sumaguing Cave is an ancient cave network for spelunking. If you are really enthusiastic about exploring underground caverns and tunnels, here is just the perfect place for you.

Visit the Sagada Blue Mountains

For individuals that love hiking, this is the right place to head to. Trek through the muddy path as you find your way to the top of the iconic Sagada Blue Mountains. From the top of the mountain, you can have an awesome view of the surrounding vegetation, buildings, and grassland.

Relax at Lake Danum

Need a serene environment to relax after a stressful day? Simply head to Lake Danum. Here is a cool and calm place to relax enjoy a nice time with loved ones. The cool, refreshing breeze blowing at the lake is something you will definitely enjoy.

Other things to do in Sagada include Orange Picking at Rock Inn, Watch Sunrise at Kiltepan Viewpoint, Visit Bomod-ok Falls, and so forth.

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