Experiencing Culture in Food: Eats in Baguio that You Need to Try

From the scenic views to the cold climate, there is a long list of whys tourists endure the winding road to the famed Summer Capital of the Philippines. However, experiencing its diverse culinary culture is perhaps one of the best reasons to pack your bag and hop on the bus en route to Baguio right this instant!

As the center of education and economic development in Northern Luzon, Baguio is known to be a melting pot of cultures, and of course, cuisines from all over the world. Hence, what better way to enjoy your stay in the city of pines and experience its diversity than to explore its nook and crannies for great eats.

Below is a short list of restaurants around the city that are sure to keep your stomach full and your mind enriched:


Farmer’s Daughter

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Trying Cordilleran cuisine is a good start to your gastro adventure, and Farmer’s Daughter is happy to serve you just that. They are one of the few restaurants in the city that offers authenticity and delectable perfection to diners who want a taste of highland cookery.

Located along Long-Long Road, beside the Tam-awan Village, this quaint hut has quite a list of meals to choose from. However, there Kinuday is definitely one of the most recommended. Known as the Ibaloi Etag, Kinuday is lean meat smoked into umami goodness. You can either order it a la carte or as a meal, complete with rice and potato salad. They also have the Pinuneg or blood sausage, which is an Ibaloi specialty usually served during kanyaws. It is made from pork blood, native red rice and salt stuffed into clean pork intestines.

For dessert, their Paytoy is something to look forward to. Similar to how Ubeng Halaya is made, Paytoy is mashed Taro, sweetened with milk and sugar.


Balbacua by Urban Camote



What kind of sumptuous food can warm your tummy at  65 pesos? In front of the Ili Likha Artist Village at the Assumption Road, there is the Urban Camote that serves rich, thick, and savory Balbacua.

A cuisine famous in the Southern Philippines, Balbacua is recently making its way to the adventurous taste buds of Baguio foodies. This stew dish uses beef skin slow-cooked in herbs and spices for six hours. It can be served with red rice or noodles—making it a perfect, hearty meal amidst Baguio’s cold weather.

Their Chia Fresca, a healthy Aztec beverage made from coconut lime juice and chia seeds, also makes the gastro experience better.


Pearl Meat Shop

pearlpearl 2



A well-known education hub for both Filipino and foreign students, Baguio boasts numerous international restaurants to accommodate this kind of influx. Among the best ones is Pearl Meat Shop. Located in Cariño Street, right across Paladin Hotel, this unassuming meat shop is often the go-to of both locals and Koreans craving for the taste and experience of authentic Korean Barbecue.

They offer various cuts of pork and beef that you can cook on a grill installed on top of every table. More affordable than those offered in other Korean restaurants around the city, every meal is served with a bowl of spicy tofu soup and unlimited side dishes consisting of homemade soy bean paste, two types of Kimchi, pickled radish, and a basket of lettuce and sesame leaves.

And true to their name, Pearl Meat Shop also sells fresh and frozen meat cut to your desire. Now, all you need is a grill and their authentic Korean recipes to have a barbecue feast at home while reliving your favorite Korean dramas.


Canto at Ketchup Community

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Where succulent Lomo Ribs is affordable, Canto might just be heaven for meat lovers. Their whole slab serving is enough to keep your tummy satisfied for a day. It is served with lettuce and cucumber salad that’s drizzled with watermelon, crashed peanut brittle, and topped with fresh alfalfas. You can also choose to eat it with rice or mashed potato.

There are also other meals on their menu that are worth trying. Their Veggy Pizza is enough to make you less guilty of gorging a whole slab. When not in the mood for Lomo Ribs, the Chili Burger from their Chicano meals is another option. For dessert, their Dessert Nachos might be the death of your sweet tooth. It is a hefty serving of vanilla ice cream topped with cream and berries, peanut brittle bits, and drizzled with caramel and blueberry syrup. It is also served with cinnamon and sugar-dusted nachos.

This laid-back restaurant across Wright Park is perhaps one of the most popular joints among the five restaurants in Ketchup Community. Hence, expect a long line of customers especially on a weekend. Luckily, they recently opened another branch in Arc Residences in Bakakeng.


Good Taste

Chicken 65good taste 2


Need to feed a group of five or more? When something calls for a big celebration, Good Taste is a budget-friendlier place to treat your family and friends. Open 24 hours, they serve mostly Filipino-Chinese dishes with fresh ingredients directly from Baguio and La Trinidad. Because of their tender-goodness and large servings, their Buttered Chicken and Fried Rice are already household names for Baguio locals.

They have two branches; the main branch is located at the Dangwa Station, right behind Center Mall and near Saint Louis University Main Campus. Their newest and more spacious branch is located along Cariño Street, near Burnham Park. It is just a few meters from the bus terminal of Coda Lines Corporation. Hence, this could also be a great place to satisfy your hunger before or after a long trip.