Carved from the mountain ranges of Sierra Madre and Mamparang, Quirino lies in the southeastern portion of Cagayan Valley Region within the upper Cagayan River Basin. Although landlocked and secluded from neighboring urban communities, it is blessed with diverse natural resources that will truly pique the interest and wanderlust of tourists and travelers. From uncharted cascades to mysterious caves, Quirino province is chock-full of destinations waiting to be discovered. It offers diverse locations that have great potentials for a bustling tourism industry.

Points of Interest:

Aglipay Caves

One of Qurino’s major tourist attractions is the Aglipay Cave System in Barangay Villa Ventura, Aglipay. A series of 37 chambers, Aglipay Caves boast peculiar characteristics aside from well-preserved stalactites, stalagmites, flowstones and rock formations. Subterranean bodies of water such as a spring, river and waterfall can also be explored inside. Interlinked with each other, the caves run to a depth of about 20 meters. At present, only eight chambers have been developed for caving tours. A campsite, surrounded with more than hundred hectares of rolling hills and forest preserve, is also located within the vicinity.

Dumabato and Pensal Falls

Blessed with vertical terrains, Quirino is littered with the most magnificent cascades in the North. One of the more popular waterfalls in the province is the Dumabato Falls. It is a seven-staged waterfall located in barangay Dumabato Sur. Its crystal pools are favorite swimming and picnic area for both locals and tourists. A view of the Sierra Madre mountain range can also be seen from its fifth basin. Another waterfall that is famous for its enticing, cold-water basin is the Pensal Falls. Pensal is a three-tier waterfall located in the municipality of Aglipay. Aside from picnics and swims, this tourist attraction is also ideal for cliff jumping.

Governor’s Rapid

With its enormous walls of ancient limestone rock formations and turbulent deep waters, traversing the Governor’s Rapid is an activity never to be missed when in Quirino. This tributary of the Cagayan River is a famous venue for rip-roaring activities such as kayaking, white river rafting, cruising, swimming and fishing. The riverside also offers a suitable picnic ground with a magnificent view of the Sierra Madre mountain range. Located in the municipality of Maddela, the river was the main thoroughfare in the valley during World War II.

Siitan River and Binmapor Rock Formation

Siitan River is a headwater of Cagayan River located in the municipality of Nagtipunan. Its turbulent water is famous for activities such as rafting and tubing. Local boatmen can also take you on a cruise for a glimpse of the river’s stunning scenery of verdant forest and enormous limestone rock formations—one of which is the Binmapor. Binmapor Rock Formation, a popular rock outcrop that resembles the stern of a sinking ship, is used as the jump-off point for river cruising.