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    How to Go To Sagada from Baguio

    How to Go to Sagada Sagada is one of the Mountain Provinces in the Philippines that boast of a cool climate favorable for tourists. The amazing landscape, serene environment, surrounding waterfalls, and caves make Sagada among the top holiday destinations in the Philippines. Are you planning on going to Sagada from Baguio? The journey from… Read more »

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    Manila to Baguio Fare

    Manila to Baguio, a four-hour ride that takes you through the amazing landscape, stunning rice terraces, beautiful vegetation, and lot more. Baguio, popularly referred to as Baguio City is a beautiful city in the Philippines with lots of parks, beaches, and museum. Owing to the cool climate and stunning surrounding vegetation, the city often receives… Read more »

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    Manila to Baguio Travel Time

      Baguio City is a good place to visit during summer. The parks, cool climate, waterfalls, and beaches will make your vacation to the city really worth it. Just like other cities in the Philippines, Baguio City can also be accessed from Manila. However, the Manila to Baguio travel time is estimated to be approximately… Read more »

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    Bus from Quezon City to Sagada

    Bus from Quezon City to Sagada Are you planning to go on an adventure from Quezon City to Sagada? Sagada is situated in the mountain province of Luzon, about 275 km north of Manila. Considering its geographic location, getting to the mountainous region of Sagada can be quite stressful. Nevertheless, this is a memorable adventure… Read more »

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    Banaue to Manila

    Experience Pleasing Tourist Attractions from Manila to Banaue One of the interesting adventures you can go on your visit to the Philippines is a tour from Manila to Banaue. On this tour, you will be able to see and admire the Batad Rice Terraces, Banaue Rice Terraces, Tappiya Falls, Banaue Museum, Museum of Cordilleran Sculpture, and… Read more »

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    Bus from Manila to Banaue

      Bus to Banaue Known for the stunning rice terraces, Banaue is a small town situated on the Cordillera mountain range of Luzon Island. A visit to the town offers you the opportunity to admire the Banaue Rice Terraces, Batad Rice Terraces, Tappiya Falls, Museum of Cordilleran Sculpture, Banaue Museum, and so forth. For those… Read more »

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    Bus from Manila to Bontoc

    Bus to Bontoc Bontoc, Mountain Province, is the historic capital of the Cordillera Mountain region. Many years ago, Bontoc was renowned for actively indulging in tribal wars with neighboring communities. The mountains within the area are filled with carvings and paintings generally referred to as Alab petroglyphs. The inhabitants of the community are made up… Read more »